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14 Day Regional Weather Forecast
Location: London (Default) Lat: 51.5N Sunrise: 05:11BST
  Lon: 0E Sunset: 21:01BST

The weather forecast below is the 14 day forecast for London (Default) which is updated periodically. You can also view a more refined and 4x daily updated 7 day local forecast in the UK.

Date Time Summary Temperature Wind Cloud Rain Pressure
Min Max Speed Dir
Thu 24 JulNight Mostly Cloudy15°C21°C7mphNNE0%Dry1019mb
Fri 25 JulDay Light Rain Showers17°C24°C9mphNE45%2mm1017mb
Fri 25 JulNight Mostly Cloudy15°C21°C6mphN83%Dry1017mb
Sat 26 JulDay Mostly Cloudy16°C25°C7mphN0%Dry1016mb
Sat 26 JulNight Mostly Cloudy16°C23°C3mphSW82%Dry1014mb
Sun 27 JulDay Mostly Cloudy17°C22°C11mphWNW5%Dry1014mb
Sun 27 JulNight Mostly Cloudy14°C20°C7mphNW1%Dry1015mb
Mon 28 JulDay Mostly Cloudy13°C22°C9mphN1%Dry1016mb
Mon 28 JulNight Mostly Cloudy14°C21°C4mphN2%Dry1017mb
Tue 29 JulDay Mostly Cloudy16°C21°C4mphN96%Dry1016mb
Tue 29 JulNight Mostly Cloudy15°C23°C6mphWNW1%Dry1015mb
Wed 30 JulDay Mostly Cloudy15°C24°C4mphWNW7%Dry1013mb
Wed 30 JulNight Mostly Cloudy17°C23°C7mphNNW9%Dry1012mb
Thu 31 JulDay Mostly Cloudy15°C23°C4mphWSW65%Dry1011mb
Thu 31 JulNight Mostly Cloudy15°C22°C6mphWNW17%Dry1010mb
Fri 1 AugDay Light Rain Showers13°C22°C4mphSSW77%1mm1008mb
Fri 1 AugNight Light Rain Showers13°C22°C7mphSW40%6mm1008mb
Sat 2 AugDay Mostly Cloudy11°C21°C6mphSW3%Dry1007mb
Sat 2 AugNight Light Rain Showers13°C23°C7mphSSW9%2mm1007mb
Sun 3 AugDay Mostly Cloudy11°C21°C6mphSW8%Dry1007mb
Sun 3 AugNight Light Rain Showers14°C23°C7mphWSW2%2mm1010mb
Mon 4 AugDay Mostly Cloudy11°C22°C8mphS16%Dry1012mb
Mon 4 AugNight Light Rain Showers15°C22°C9mphSSW58%2mm1009mb
Tue 5 AugDay Light Rain Showers13°C21°C9mphSW26%2mm1008mb
Tue 5 AugNight Light Rain Showers13°C21°C9mphSW38%8mm1009mb
Wed 6 AugDay Mostly Cloudy11°C19°C9mphWSW54%Dry1009mb
Wed 6 AugNight Light Rain Showers15°C22°C7mphSW32%2mm1008mb
Thu 7 AugDay Light Rain Showers14°C21°C5mphW77%1mm1006mb
Thu 7 AugNight Light Rain Showers14°C22°C7mphWNW46%7mm1009mb
Fri 8 AugDay Light Rain Showers13°C19°C7mphNNW64%1mm1012mb

The information is based on the MRF forecast model and was last updated on 24 July 2014 at 06:39 . The area is based on the Latitude 52.5 and Longitude 0.

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